Steak of Ruby in Zoesite
Steak of Ruby in Zoesite
Steak of Ruby in Zoesite
Steak of Ruby in Zoesite
Steak of Ruby in Zoesite
Steak of Ruby in Zoesite

Steak of Ruby in Zoisite

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Raw natural ruby in zoisitis.

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100% natural stone

Technical Details

Gem size
6 x 6,5 cm


The Ruby is the noblest variety of the mineral species corundum (aluminum oxide).

The characteristic red color is due to the presence of small amounts of chromium oxide and the most sought after gems are those with a vivid red color slightly purpure, better known as “piccione blood”.

The Zoisites is a rock of metamorphic origin composed mainly of green zoisitis and to a lesser extent by other minerals. Sometimes this rock has englobed crystals corundus ruby variety the size is remarkable.

The presence of the green color characteristic of the zoisite, along with the red of the ruby crystals, generate a fabulous contrast making this rock the ideal palette for the carving of wonderful sculptures.

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