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Jewelry utensils
DIY accessories and tools

Online sale of utensils for "do-it-yourself" creations.

Among the qualities that characterize a creative mind, we can mention imagination, inventiveness, fantasy and dexterity. Surely the innate ability to know how to find solutions to complete an initial project is among them.

In this regard, your testimonies frequently come to us and it is a real pleasure for us that you share them with us.

Being forced to interrupt a job because you don't have the right tools can be a great annoyance for anyone. To solve this problem, utilizing all your inventive capacities, you may be able to find a solution to your problems. But htis would probably happen without having the certainty of being able to realizing exaclty what you had in mind, risking spending a lot of time on a tedious task.

The right tool for every job

We are here to offer you a rich series of tools that will allow you to carry out precise tasks with simplicity.

The same attention and quality standards used in the selection of jewels and gem threads,is applyed in the choice of our tools and utensils, rigorously selected for their resistance, sturdiness and precision.

They are exactly what we use in our creative department!

Wide choice of tools to please everyone

Anyone dedicated to threading knows that there are never enough needles very well: they can be lost and they break very easily. Sometimes you'll need flexible ones and sometimes you'll need sturdy ones, sometimes you'll need short ones and sometimes long.

So don't forget to stock up!

Evaluate the different models of pliers and find the one that is most suitable for you; if, on the other hand, you need to shorten wires or cables with extreme precision, set aside the scissors and get yourself a pair of practical nippers, once you have tried them you will no longer be able to do without them.

We won't dissapoint anyone, nt even if you are a collector or a professional: indeed, we offer practical tweezers to grasp gems, sophisticated loupes to better observe all their peculiarities and calipers to make precise measurements.

Don't forget to watch our video tutorials full of valuable tips!

With our tools you will have no more excuses, every jewel will be perfect!

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Flexible needles

Price €15.00

Hard needles

Price €6.00

Pinza for gems

Price €22.00

Magnifying glass

Price €29.00


Price €22.00


Price €29.00

Half round tip pliers

Price €29.00

Pinza close snaps

Price €39.00

Smooth round toe clamp

Price €29.00
Showing 1-9 of 9 item(s)