Bracelets with pearls
Pearls: the incipit of our passion for gems

It may seem strange but about thirty years ago, it was pearls that completely catalyzed our attention, when we came across a wonderful consignment of pearls during of a trip abroad.

That precious encounter marked the beginning of a passion that is still constantly fueled by love for this very special world which later allowed us to devote ourselves completely to all natural gems, without distinction.

Over time we have been designated as "the lords of pearls", an affectionate definition given to us by our most trusted customers, who recognize in our products a good value for money. Direct contact, which in concrete terms translates into in-person trips to the best farms in the world, allows us to purchase precious pearls in large quantities. Therefore, the absence of intermediaries allows us to considerably reduce the price of the finished jewel.

Although every single pearl knows how to express its characteristics in an inimitable way, presenting itself as beautiful and precious in any shape and shade, it is well known that the market is more inclined to focus its attention on those specimens whose peculiarities reach the highest levels of perfection: starting for example from a spherical shape with a well-defined east.

The bracelets with pearls: among the undisputed protagonists of our jewels

Since pearls have become an integral part of our company, we have specialized in various jewelery creations that still see them as the undisputed protagonists. Different processes and styles to differentiate or accentuate the character of whoever is going to wear them is the focal point in the design of each single jewel.

Let's take into consideration our vast choice of bracelets made with precious stones and natural gems of all kinds, which can be admired and purchased in the dedicated category in our online catalogue.

Whenever we come into possession of thread of pearls of exemplary beauty, we already imagine how, based on the colour, shape and size, they can become necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets.

However, we also leave our beloved public the possibility of dreaming and designing their own jewels with an important selection of peral threads.

Production and online sale of bracelets with natural pearls

The pearl bracelets made in our laboratory follow the trends of the moment while also bringing back that romantic classicism that only iconic gems, such as pearls, are able to convey.

In our online catalogue we try to satisfy everyone's tastes and requests, giving the opportunity to carry out a real search among bracelets composed with a variety of pearls, shapes and shades totally different from each other, which perfectly know how to enhance the meaning of a special present to give yourself or a loved one.

Other fantastic gift ideas can be consulted directly in the dedicated category, don't miss them!

The decision to offer different types of workmanship among our products allows us to always satisfy everyone with prestigious jewelry that is synonymous with excellent quality.

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Bracelet Open with 2 Tahiti Pearls
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Bracelet Open with 2 Tahiti Pearls

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Bracelet with Amber Honey and White Pearls
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Bracelet with Amazon and Pearls
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Bracelet with 10 Baroque Pearls with Nucleus
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Bracelet with 10 Baroque Pearls with Nucleus

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Bracelet Baroque Pearls and Multicolor Potatoes

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Bracelet Semiround Beads Slightly Scale
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Bracelet Semiround Beads Slightly Scale

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Rigid Contrariè Bracelet with Tahiti Pearls

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Bracelet with Tahiti Keshi Pearls

Price €490.00 Free shipping

Bracelet Keshi Slightly Silver

Price €59.00
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Showing 1-11 of 11 item(s)