Lightpoint pendant: the minimal jewel that everyone likes

In the world of jewellery we use binomy light point to refer to a specific type of jewels made up of a gem cut with a number of facets that continuously reflect the light creating a particular glitter. In a short time this jewel has made itself known so much to become a real object desired by all.

Stones used to create light points are usually precious gems as diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire but in recent times they have made their entry into the world of light points also other gems as quartz, tormaline and all those stones that once cut well lend themselves to be bright.

The light point is that jewel can agree everyone because it likes; its minimal design is a refined and simple jewel able to make the gem unique true and real protagonist. We are talking about that jewel that can conquer anyone only at the first glance.

Lightpoint Pendents Online

In our online catalogue jewelry jewelry jewelry we decided to insert a rich choice of light point pendants.

Our light point pendants are made of silver 925 and mount 100% natural gems. They are therefore precious and safe jewels. They are going to be a category of elegant jewels that do not minimally stonano to the décolletè of nobody, indeed for their simple and linear design are an excellent gift idea suitable for any occasion.

Our collection offers a wide range of forms, cuts and caring, allowing you to find that pendant light point that reflects personality and distinctive taste.

The light point pendant is that detail that makes the difference

Whether you choose a light point for yourself or you buy it for a special gift, there will never be the risk of making a wrong choice, this we assure you!

All Lineagem jewellery, by the way, are meticulously packaged in elegant astucci and arrive at your home accompanied by warranty certificate released by our experienced gemologists.

There are no more excuses not to visit our category of light point pendants and let yourself be conquered.

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Pendant with Moissanite Synthetic Round faceted

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Pendant Moissanite Synthetic Bearing Square

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Pendant with Moissanite Synthetic Heart

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Pendant with Rhone Granate
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Pendant with Rhone Granate

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Pendant with Oval Ruby

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Showing 1-8 of 8 item(s)