Stud earrings
Production and online sale of stud earrings with pearls and precious stones

Stud earrings are jewels that cover the mobile appendage of the ear. Based on the size that the set gems reach,stud earrings get different names: lobe covers, aslo called small points of light, or earrings that reach or exceed one centimeter in diameter, which differ from pendant earrings.

They are an essential accessory for those who like to express their style by focusing on practicality and lightness. They are also some of the favourite earrings of people with multiple ear holes.

Origin of the earring

The origin of the earring dates back to very ancient times, when it was not seen as a simple ornamental object but had a specific use.

It served as a distinctive element showcasing the belonging to a caste or a family.

At the time, particular importance was also given to the position of the earring: if it was on the left ear, it transmitted a specific message, if, on the contrary, it was on the right, it meant quite another.

Our fabulous stud earrings

In our catalogue there is a vast availability of stud earrings made entirely of 925‰ silver, in the rhodium-plated or gold-plated variants or with irresistible 100% natural pearls and precious stones.

They have a solid and resistant structure. You will have the possibility to choose between models with pin and safety or with pin and butterfly; we would like to specify that our butterflies are very large and this makes them easier to grip.

Among our specimens on offer, you can find precious gems such as rubies, emeralds, peridots, corals, diamonds and many more. Go and take a look, they are all very tempting.

If you are evaluating gift ideas without knowing the preferences of the recepient too well, with the purchase of a pair of stud earrings you will always be on the safe side: given the generally small dimensions they are usually appreciated and worn by everyone. However, our suggestions for an original present can be found here.

We also suggest that you take into consideration the purchase of light points which, without being overly demanding, give a touch of elegance, allowing you to get one step closer to gems that you may not have in your jewelry box yet!

All our stud earrings will arrive directly at your home in an elegant box together with their own warranty certificate.

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Earrings in Lobo Perle Australiane Semiround Gold
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Silver Reinforced Earrings
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Silver Reinforced Earrings

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Earrings Flower Round With Citrine

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