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Chains for Necklaces and Bracelets
925‰ silver chains

Online sale of 925‰ silver chains for DIY creation.

Let's start with a statement.

One of our clients, some time ago, gave us her personal testimony:

“It all started a few years ago when, by pure chance, I was inspired by one of your video tutorials and I made my first jewel: a gorgeous elastic bracelet made entirely with natural gems.

What a satisfaction to wear it during that special occasion!

I didn't imagine I would receive so many compliments,it is thanks to all of those compliments that I was encouraged to experiment further with new creations. After an initial period dedicated to practice, to date I have acquired many skills and I am constantly looking for new ideas.

Loving to follow fashions, I have experimented with a bit of everything, I have gotten everything to enrich and illuminate jewels and ornaments, from the most classic to the most sophisticated elements".

She then continued:

“I suggest to all of those who want to try this adventure to get themselves the proper tools and all the useful material needed for their projects such as threads of gems and DIY accessories without forgetting wires, spacers, frames and closures!”.

She concluded by asking us if we could satisfy her request: provide her with some new ideas that would bring innovation to her work.

Chains by the meter to evoke your imagination

We told her to consider our chains by the meter and in this section we'll introduce them to you, too.

We are certain that we will evoke your imagination, indeed they lend themselves to multiple uses and shouldn't be missing from the drawers of a creative person, precisely because of their versatility.

They are entirely made of 925‰ silver and are on offer at advantageous prices... there's no excuse not to try them!

How to use your silver chains

Our creative department uses them in the creation of fabulous chanels, elegant bracelets, sinuous pendant earrings and does not fail to include them in elegant necklaces.
Try to alternate different models of chains, the result will leave you speechless!

Adding them to the end of each jewel will allow you to adjust its length, letting you to wear it in different ways and above all in total tranquility.

On the other hand, interspersed with the precious stones of our rich strings of gems, they become decorative elements with a strong visual impact.

Thinking outside of the box, you could consider creating elegant accessories such as belts, eyeglass holders, long necklaces to be enriched with precious charms with them, too!

Our client was particularly satisfied; collect our chains by the meter and make unique jewels!

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