Pendants with Pearls
Nothing can match the beauty of a natural pearl pendant

Production and online sale of pendants with 100% natural pearls.

The pendant is the perfect accessory to express one's style with versatility and simplicity. It is the only jewel capable of making every look unique and exclusive, and it is certainly less demanding than a necklace both in terms of weight and of volume.

Each of our pendant expresses its nature both through the craftsmanship behind it, and thanks to the properties of the gem it supports.

In this section we invite you to appreciate the subtelty that a pendant with pearls is able to express, both in its classic and refined round shape and in the much more lively baroque versions.

We know the pearls inside our pendants

The pearl is composed of crystals of calcium carbonate, held together by a substance called conchiolin, which forms around a foreign body introduced into the mollusk by chance or because of human intervention.

Among the varieties known and used in jewellery, the best known are the freshwater pearl and the Akoya pearl. On the other hand, the rarest and most sought after are the Australian, the Keshi and the Tahiti pearl, also nicknamed "the black pearl".

Several factors including shape, size, luster and color influence the economic value of a single pearl.

Although there are technical factors that come into play while evaluating the beauty of a pearl, we believe it is fundamental to remember that regardless of its classification or typology, each pearl has its own unique essence.

Wide choice of pendants with natural pearls

With our large selection we try to please everyone. We propose numerous pendants, both simple and more sophisticated, made using the best craftsmanship techniques in the field of jewelry. They are all entirely created with high quality silver, rigorously 925‰.

Take a look at the elegant and simple light points or let yourself be inspired by their originality and value, stemming from the combination of pearls and precious gems, offering a harmonious result and a great visual effect.

P4endants also turn out to be excellent gifts, just like all the other jewels we offer in the dedicated category!

Consider checking out our pearl pendants on offer, they are at the best value for your money!

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Pendant with Australian pearl and Venetian Catenina
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Pendant with Pearl Akoya and Catenina Veneziana
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Pendant with Pearl Akoya and Catenina Veneziana

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Pendant with Larimar and Pearls

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Pendant with Australian Pearl Gold Round

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Pendant with Tahiti Round Pearl

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Pendant of Mabè by Tahiti

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Wall Pendant with Nucleus

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White Gold Pendant with Tahiti Round and Diamond Pearl
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White Gold Pendant with Tahiti Round Pearl and Diamonds

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Mabè pendant by Tahiti Oval

Price €59.00
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Showing 1-9 of 9 item(s)