Pearl earrings
The harmonious fusion between refinement and nature: the pearl earring

For us, wearing a pair of pearl earrings means enhancing all kinds of beauty with the finesse and essentiality of this fascinating gem.

What are pearls

Pearls are concretions of various substances such as conchiolin, mother-of-pearl and calcareous prisms which form around a foreign body that has entered the mollusk either accidentally or because of human intervention. This phenomenon determines the production of natural or cultured pearls, respectively.

Pearls exist in all shapes and sizes: perfectly spherical, more flattened at the poles or baroque. Their color is strongly influenced by the environment in which the mollusk grows.

Freshwater pearls are used in jewelry which, as the name suggests, are found in river or lake environments and are the most common. Among the pearls grown in sea water,the most famous and valuable are those of Tahiti, also called "black pearls", the Australian and Akoya.

Pearls: our passion

Our strong passion for this gem combined with many years of direct contacts with the most prestigious farms allow us to offer you high quality products at truly unbeatable prices.

Over the years the most loyal customers have called us the "Lords of Pearls".

Whatever the way in which it is contextualized, the pearl is inextricably linked to the concept of elegance, while for its part, the earring is undoubtedly the jewel that best expresses the idea of ​​elegance.

So, with a pair of pearl earrings you reach the maximum expression of finesse which is enhanced both by the pendant models and by the light points.

Production and online sale of handmade earrings with natural pearls

Our earrings, rigorously made in 925‰ silver, mount 100% natural pearls of various sizes, shapes and types.

Do you lean towards a classic style or do you love sophistication?

Consult our catalogue and let yourself be overwhelmed by the originality of our creations that mount very bright single pearls sometimes combined with precious stones or silver elements.

This type of jewel is able to frame the face, making every complexion shine.

We are aware that gems of this magnitude are able to convey unique emotions, we are the first to be enchanted by them; therefore take into consideration the idea of ​​buying a pair of pearl earrings for yourself or for a loved one: satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Earrings in Lobo with White Pearls in Bottone

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