Threads and wires for necklaces and bracelets
DIY utensils available in our catalogue

Each project deserves to be completed using the right materials, this allows both to speed up the procedure and, above all, to carry out the work in a totally safe way, avoiding compromising the integrity of the creation and your well-being.

In our well-stocked online catalogue, we offer the right tools to carry out any type of work: they are all available in the DIY category.

Specifically,we have grouped all the threads and wires necessary to complete the various projects in this section.

From the homepage can access the all the tutorials that we have uploaded on our LineagemTv channel on Youtube.We've done this to facilitate all of those who may struggle during the first stages of any process.

The right wire for every jewel or creation

Whatever jewel idea you have in mind, we have the right thread or wire to make it happen. We offer a vast choice of materials for the realization of each process.

You can find 925‰ silver wires, available in the rhodium-plated and gold-plated variants, which are recommended for the twists in rosary work. You can find polyester threads, in various colours, which allow you to create necklaces with knots that adapt perfectly to the décolleté. There are also thin or medium nylon and steel wires, available in different colors, suitable for all those creations that need greater rigidity.

Finally, among our best sellers: the elastic thread, available in many colors, suitable for the simplest creations and useful for practicing.

There is nothing left to do, but identifying the right project and then choosing the most suitable thread for your creation. We provide the material, so you unleash your imagination!

We put our experience at your disposal

We have been at the top of our game for years now, as regards to the experience we can boast in this sector.

Procuring and subsequently presenting you the best natural gems on the market, at advantageous prices, remains among our priorities.

We have never hidden our secrets and have showed you the best ways to create spectacular jewels; for this reason we believe it is fundamentla for you to be able to use the same materials used in our laboratories.

Now, there are no excuses keeping you from doing your favorite project!

So consult and select all the threads and wires for necklaces and bracelets you need... lots fun and amazing results are guaranteed!

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Silver Wire Rhode

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Silver Golden Wire

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Steel Cave

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Elastic wire

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Polyester Wire

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