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Clasps for necklaces and bracelets
Selection of practical clasps for your jewellery

Online sale of silver clasps to embellish and wear necklaces and bracelets with practicality.
Over time, we have noticed that our costumers love collecting precious strands of gems to be reinterpreted in refined and original jewel,s through which they can express their personality and style.

People don't always have a set project in mind from the beginning, but often the right inspiration arrives when you are holding the gems in your hands.

Clasps made in 925‰ silver

Have you decided that the time has finally come to get to work giving life to wonderful jewels, but you lack what you need to complete fabulous necklaces, refined chanels or elegant bracelets?

All you need to do is unleash your imagination, because we'll take care of the rest!

In this section of the online catalogue we have grouped the same closures and clasps that we insert in our own products.

One of the main reasons behind this, is to offer our public excellent quality materials, which is why they are entirely made of 925‰ silver, available in rhodium-plated and gold-plated variants.
Each project has its own clasp

We provide many different clasps in terms of shape and workmanship; for many proposals there's also the possibility of choosing the quantity and size that is right for you, selecting them directly from the practical drop-down menu.

In this way, you will be able to choose the clasp or closure that is most in harmony with the size of the gems you are using and with the idea you have in mind.

You can choose between practical carabiners or opt for those closures which, in addition to being functional, enrich your jewel such as the spring rings in the rhodium-plated or golden variants or the balls which, thanks to the different types of workmanship, give a further touch of elegance.

If you want to adjust the fit of your necklace by wearing it higher or looser depending on the look, consider getting our very comfortable and inimitable rhodium-plated and gilded 925‰ silver extenders, available in different lengths.

You will no longer be able to do without them.

This way, you will have the chance to make the necklaces or bracelets of your dreams.

Consult our online catalogue and choose your favorite 925‰ silver closures.

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Ring closure ø 20 mm

Price €39.00

Ring closure ø 20 mm

Price €39.00

Silver 925‰ ø 12x7 mm

Price €7.00
Showing 1-12 of 26 item(s)