We have been passionately and professionally offering Natural Pearls and Stones, Jewelry and Collectibles since 1993.

Prices: The experience and expertise gained through years of constant presence in major international markets and the absence of intermediaries allows us to offer quality gems at the best price on the market.

Quality: The quality of our products is guaranteed by the analysis and control activities carried out daily by qualified personnel using efficient instruments in our in-house gemological laboratory.

Production: For more than 20 years, our jewelry has been made with passion and professionalism. Among our classics you can find necklaces, necklaces, long necklaces called “chanel”, pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings created strictly only with 100% natural gemstones and with endless different shades and patterns.

Gemological analysis: We have established a state-of-the-art gemological analysis laboratory within our company, thanks to which we carry out accurate checks on all the items we offer. We are direct importers from all over the world of pearls, precious, semiprecious and collectible stones which, thanks to our gemological laboratory, are supplied accompanied by certificates or appraisals drawn up according to internationally recognized UNI standards.