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Essential accessories for your jewelry

Online sale of DIY accessories.

Wide selection of essential accessories for the autonomous creation of exclusive jewels with the certainty of using excellent quality products that won't change over time.

Those who cultivate a passion for DIY-ing often aren't able to find the materials needed to finish off their creations quickly and easily.

The most requested accessories

We have decided to satisfy this need by grouping the most requested accessories below, which can be consulted at any time wherever you are.

For example, you can find our pairs of rhodium-plated and gilded 925‰ silver butterflies at advantageous prices, which are well-known for their large size, which make it easier for you to put on or take off all your favorite stud earrings.

If the idea of ​​trying to make precious necklaces and bracelets mounted on a steel cable appeals to you, don't forget to add the crimp beads to your list: minute silver tubes that, pressed with special pliers, block the closures of cables.

Preserve the integrity of the cotton or polyester thread of your magnificent necklace of pearls or precious stones, made in a workmanlike manner, with jewerly tinsel, a sort of small spring inserted directly into the wire to protect the eyelet that supports the closure.

Another very interesting idea for handmade jewelery that is out of the ordinary, is the semi-finished 925‰ rhodium-plated and gilded silver rings; available in adjustable sizes, they will help you create fabulous tufted models with precious stones or pearls fixed to the eyelets of the structure with special pins.

Pins are also in great demand, since they are necessary for the creation of very elegant pendant earrings or for fuxing precious charms to anonymous bracelets or chains.

Create the perfect pendant by selecting the one that best suits your project from the various bail templates. They can be inserted in different models of chains or in simple cotton cords.

We are at your disposal, helping you transform projects into real-life jewels!

These and many other accessories are directly accessible and available for you.

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Oval Twist chain

Price €24.00

Oval Twist chain

Price €24.00
Showing 1-12 of 26 item(s)