Selection of wires presented on TV

Online sale of natural gem threads presented in our television broadcasts.

Ours passion towards the world of natural gems inspires us in a constant selection of selected items that stand out for quality and the beauty.

Over the years we have made available attractive proposals and we are made known also through television broadcasts, currently aired daily at channel 132 of digital terrestrial.

He cares about it to meet all the demands of our audience, this is why we provide the same material used in our processing.

It is important to keep in mind that the realization of a jewel requires to follow a series of steps that allow to realize the initial idea.

The inspirations, however, always come in a different way and never follow the same pattern: sometimes they start from a very precise idea others draw inspiration from the gems themselves when they are held in their hands.

The selection of natural gem threads seen in television broadcasts

According to us the main phase after the design is linked to the choice of gems.

Who loves to pack jewelry is well aware of number of steps that transform the initial project into finished jewel.

We decided to enter this section of our catalogue i'll tell you more requested articles together with the best proposals we present daily on tv. In order to locate them faster we left the products marked by same batch number.

The realization of your jewel

With this colorful choice of wires you can make amazing jewelry!

Choose the favorite gem between authoritative names as theaquamarine coral, loptimal tormalina corrugating and many others, let yourself be conquered by shades and drive from sensations.

The assembled gems are available in forms, measures and different cuts and prices i really am advantageous, take advantage of it now!

Don't forget to get you tool tools and instruments suitable for every realization by consulting the section of the do it yourself.

Choose your wires seen on TV and you will not be disappointed.

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White Pearl Wire Semiround ø 3 mm

Price €390.00 Free shipping

Multicolor Baltic Amber Wire

Price €79.00 Free shipping

Wire of Agata Muschiata

Price €16.00
Spherical White Coral Wire
  • -€141.00

Spherical White Coral Wire

Regular price €290.00 Price €149.00 Free shipping

Wire of Amethyst Glicine Sferica

Price €99.00 Free shipping

Bronzite Wire Round Plate

Price €29.00

Quartz Wire with Biotites

Price €39.00
Wire of Spherical Serafinite Liscia
  • -15%

Wire of Spherical Serafinite Liscia

Regular price €190.00 Price €161.50 Free shipping
Showing 1-12 of 34 item(s)