Rings with pearls
Production and online sale of handmade rings with natural pearls

Entirely handmade rings, using precious metals such as 18kt gold and rhodium-plated or gilded 925‰ silver available in fixed or adjustable sizes.

The ring

The ring has always had a great meaning, of power and belonging. For years some populations considered rings amulets, beliving that the precious gems set in them were going to give magical powers to the wearers.

Today the ring is a jewel in everyone's jewelry box.

Presenting itself in thousands of shapes, from the simplest and most well-known ones, to the most elaborate and refined models that properly dress the hand, the ring with precious stones or natural pearls can be the perfect thought for a precious gift or be the distinctive element in the outfit of those who love to follow the latest trends.

Pearls are concretions of various substances such as mother-of-pearl, calcareous prisms and conchiolin which form around a foreign body that has entered the mollusk, accidentally or by human endeavor. This phenomenon determines the production of natural or cultured pearls, respectively.

You can find pearls with a perfectly spherical shape, more flattened at the poles or with less ordinary and known structures, which are called baroque. The color of a pearl is strongly influenced by the environment in which the mollusk grows.

The characteristic shades of pearls are white, which can include various nuances including pink, purple, light gray and champagne, but other varieties of famous and precious pearls come in grey, black and gold.

In jewellery, freshwater pearls are the most common, and as the name suggests, they are found in river or lake environments. Among the pearls grown in sea water, the most famous and valuable ones are the Tahiti pearls, also known as "black pearls", the Australian and the Akoya.

Wide selection of rings with natural pearls

Thanks to our many years of direct contacts with some of the most prestigious farms in the world, we are able to offer multiple products at truly unbeatable prices.

Among the rings with pearls that we offer, we recommend numerous models, including the classic contrarier and solitaire or the most sought-after and unique settings that embrace 100% natural pearls, which we sometimes defice to enhance with the presence of precious stones such as diamonds.

We make sure that the pearls are always the undisputed protagonists of the jewel and not an accessory.

Rings with pearls give a regal and elegant effect, making the most of the hand that wears them.

You can create complete originals trying to combine them with other jewels such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets by choosing pearls that differ in shape, quality, colour, origin, reputation and colour.

Let your ring speak for you.

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Riviere ring with Synthetic Moissanite
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Ring with Sheets and White Pearls
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Ring with Sheets and White Pearls

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Adjustable Ring with Baroque Pearl with Nucleus

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Ring with pearl and Moissanite
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Ring with pearl and Moissanite

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Ring with Tanzanite Ball Bearing

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Gold Ring with Diamond Black

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Ring with Moissanite Synthetic

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Ring with Tahiti Pearl and Diamonds

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Ring with Tahiti Keshi Pearl

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Contrariè ring with Tahiti Barocche pearls

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Adjustable Ring in Bronze with Baroque Pearl

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Showing 1-12 of 18 item(s)