Earrings with precious stones and gems
Frame the face with that extra touch: a beautiful pair of earrings with precious gems

Production and online sale of earrings with precious gems.

The precious stones

The binomial precious stone has always stimulated great interest among people. When you have the opportunity to admire one up close, you are so fascinated by its charm that it is difficult to think of nature as the creator of such a marvel!

For over 20 years, precious stones have been a source of great inspiration for us, around which we have centered our business.

Our strong passion combined with our many years of experience have allowed us to come into direct contact with the best stonecutters letting us to find highly prestigious gems.

A large part is used for the creation of splendid jewels.

Earrings with precious gems

This section contains all the earrings made with 100% certified and natural gems that are the undisputed protagonists. You will be able to evaluate the prestige of diamonds, tanzanites, emeralds, rubies or the rarity of pyrite. Whichever you choose you will be struck by the their shiny colors, regardless of whether they are in gem quality or massive.

Our earrings with precious stones are entirely made in rhodium-plated or gilded 925‰ silver.

Depending on their structure, we distinguish stud or pendant earrings with different settings: pin and butterfly, pin and safety, pin and clip or Victorian needle.

Stud earrings generally mount single gems or small stone compositions. They are an essential accessory for those who like to express their style by focusing on practicality and lightness, without sacrificing elegance.

Ppendant earrings, fixed to the lobe with a pin or a hook, protrude from the ear with variable lengths. Developing around the concept of movement, they allow for the use of larger gems or more elaborate structures where silver becomes a real decorative element.

They are the favorite choice of those who want to frame the face by opting, based on the structure, for a more decisive and sometimes eccentric or, on the contrary, highly refined style.

Our catalogue, updated daily, shows a variety of specimens for all tastes offered at very advantageous prices; consult it and choose the perfect stone earring for you.

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EVA Spiral Earrings with Black Spinel
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Earrings with Amber in Sasso and Pentangono
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Earrings with Amber in Sasso and Pentangono

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Earrings with Diamond and Moissanite

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Earrings Flower Round With Citrine
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Earrings Flower Round With Citrine

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Earrings with Baroque Pearls and Coral

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Earrings in Rosone with Multipietre

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Earrings Model Ballerina with Tanzanite

Price €129.00 Free shipping
Showing 1-12 of 110 item(s)