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Sculptures in Natural Stone

Explore all the beauty of stone sculptures

In this section dedicated to sculptures in natural stone, l'art art and the majesty of nature they merge to create works that charm the eyes and nourish the soul. The stone sculptures present in our online catalog, capture the essence of eternity through meticulous work, also the result of a great imagination, offering unique works of art.

Let yourself be transported on a journey through the millenary history of stone processing, exploring the various types of sculptures and artistic talents that give life to these timeless works.

Handmade stone processing

Stone processing is an ancient art that requires skill skill skill, passion and a deep respect for the material himself. Through the sculptures that we propose we give precisely the possibility to appreciate the skill of the master sculptors, to which we turn, able to shape the raw stone in works of art of great value that also exploit the games of shadows and reflections to add further depth and character to the sculptures.

In this way, natural gems that are so fascinating already in the rough state, assume dynamism, movement or further static thanks to a great mastery. Often even some peculiarities characteristic of some gems as well as the nuances of minerals are integrated into the initial project offering the sculpture the extra march.

In our catalogue you can admire the way in which crude lipids, agate, ruby in zoisite, adventurer, rose quartz and many other natural gems were "transformed" into objects of great prestige.

Online sale of sculptures made with 100% natural stones

Natural stone sculptures are presented in a wide range of forms, size and styles. Each of our works tells a unique story.

We propose in our online sale sculptures depicting animals or other subjects that may prove to be an excellent alternative for demanding collectors or the perfect gift idea that always leaves without words and allows to give a touch of origin to the thought towards a loved one. What will increase the appreciation of these statues will undoubtedly be care and attention to detail.

We are sure that these sculptures will convey love for art and timeless aesthetics of natural stone.

Explore our collection sculptures in stone and immerse yourself in the charm of these works that represent the union between human mastery and the beauty of nature.

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Quartz Sphere with Lodolite

Price €490.00 Free shipping

Sculpture Horse Sculpted on Agata Base

Price €690.00 Free shipping

Stone of Crisocolla in Sfera

Price €290.00 Free shipping

Sculpture Pavone in Labradorite

Price €490.00 Free shipping

Rabbit sculpture in Labradorite

Price €129.00 Free shipping

Rana sculpture in Labradorite

Price €190.00 Free shipping

Cobra sculpture in Labradorite

Price €190.00 Free shipping

Penguin sculpture in Labradorite

Price €149.00 Free shipping

Sculpture Bear in Orbicular Diaspro

Price €390.00 Free shipping

Sculpture Sculpture in Labradorite

Price €129.00 Free shipping

Sculpture Horse on Agata Base

Price €390.00 Free shipping

Crib in Red Coral Under Glass Bell

Price €549.00 Free shipping
Showing 1-12 of 42 item(s)