DIY jewelry
Our do-it-yourself catalogue: online sale of do-it-yourself items

Large and well-stocked section dedicated to all DIY lovers who express their creativity by creating fabulous jewels by themselves.

In our catalogue you will find everything you need to give free rein to your imagination in total tranquillity: we put at your disposal the exact same materials that we use for our own creations.

From the comfort of your home, you can conduct a targeted search to find the appropriate tool, accessory or decorative element that will embellish your original necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces and rings, too.

Wide choice of accessories

You can choose among different wires and cables to combine with the most suitable type of closure.

We offer a choice of rigorously 925‰ rhodium-plated and gilded silver elements such as
jerseys and spacers available in different sizes, shapes, processes and quantities.

Not sure whether to buy a chain with fine or more showy links? Get them both
and have fun alternating them giving life to original chanels, to which you can match the righ pair of earrings by choosing the perfect setting for your project.

Consider personalizing a boring bracelet or chain by applying silver charms or lovely natural stones to them, which you can get with our gem threads.

Making your own jewel: a unique satisfaction

Being able to make your own jewels offers many advantages: it allows you to customize them with measurements and processes that fully reflect needs, tastes and personality, and gives you unique emotions.

Last but not least, it is impossible to not mention the satisfaction that arises from wearing or gifting a jewel that was made by your own hands. 

Our suggestions

If you are a beginner and don't know where to start, we suggest you check out our video tutorials. Once you have selected the type of item you desire creating, we will guide you step by step in the realization of your project, indicating in detail all the tools and accessories you must use, too.

On the website you can buy natural gems that are calibrated or assembled into threads that are rigorously checked and certified, among others you will find diamonds, pearls, quartz, tourmalines and many more.

Browse the DIY catalog and let yourself be inspired!

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Polyester Wire

Price €9.00

Elastic wire

Price €8.00

Closure in Moschettone

Price €22.00

Closure in Moschettone

Price €22.00

Closure at Pallina Liscia

Price €18.00

Back Ball Closure

Price €24.00

Spring Ring Closure

Price €19.00

Spring Ring Closure

Price €19.00
Showing 1-12 of 137 item(s)