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Silver pendants
Production and online sale of high quality 925‰ silver pendants

For the creation of our pendants we use the best craftsmanship techniques in the field of goldsmithing. They are all entirely created with high quality 925‰ silver.On a technical note, it means that the metal has a composition of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other alloying metals. This allows us to offer safe and long-lasting jewelry.

Both rhodium plating and gold plating allow silver to resist tarnishing longer, ensuring that the pendant will remain bright and shiny over the years. While on this topic, we would like to point out that no matter the quality, the jewel must always be treated with the right care and attention.

All your personality in a pendant

The pendant is a very versatile accessory that allows you to emphasize different looks and is the most trustworthy choice for those who love to enhance themselves with a precious detail. Pendants make each look unique and captivating while remaining less demanding and attention grabbing, in terms of weight and volume, compared to necklaces.

Many choose to wear a pendant not only for purely aesthetic reasons, but because it can have a profound symbolic value, such as a precise meaning or bringing to mind a special memory. Some people consider pendants good luck charms, too.

Our 925‰ silver pendants make every wish come true

We care about satisfying everyone's taste, which is why we offer numerous pendants in our online catalogue, both with simple and more refined lines. We carry models such as the renowned watermark, classic and better known shapes and also original and unusual ones. Among the many variants of pendants on offer, you can find rhodium-plated, rosé or gold-plated silver.
Some of our pendants are forged using different colors of silver in combination, too, giving life to truly unique creations.

It is worth discovering them all, they will enchant you!

If you love to wear jewelry that doesn't bind you to complicated pairings, you'll be on the safe side with jewelry made entirely of silver. Indeed, you can easily combine your pendant with other creations made with the same metal, while equally expressing your style.

For this reason, we invite you to consult our catalogue for colliers, chains, rings and bracelets, too.

We would also like to extend the invitation and suggest you take all our silver pendants on offer into consideration, too, they are at the best value for money!

We are sure we will make all of your dreams come true!

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Pendant in Silver
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Pendant in Silver

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