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The accessory that is an undisputed synonymous of elegance: the pendant earring

Production and online sale of pendant earrings with pearls and precious stones.

Earrings over time

The origin of the earring dates back to very ancient times, when it was not seen as a simple accessory but had a specific use: it served as an identifying element of a caste or a family.

Based on the testimonies that have come down to our days, the first people to wear earrings were men, heads of some tribes, who defined their power through this jewelry.

Among the Egyptians, men and women used them mainly as an ornament but some of their representations depict cats, very revered animals, wearing earrings and this leads us to suppose they also had some meaning linked to sacredness.

Earrings became real jewels unrelated to sacredness as early as the 4th century BC. C.. They were revisited in numerous models between the Roman era and the Middle Ages, they assumed great value also in economic terms because they were made with precious gems.

Art speaks about pendant earrings

The importnace of earrings has also been confirmed in history of art. Throughout history of art, there have been many nods to these jewels, which in many cases literally steal the show from the portrayed subject wearing them: think of the well-known painting by Jan Vermeer "The girl with a pearl earring" where a pendant earring stands out and catalyzes the attention of the observer.

What is a pendant earring

The pendant earring is a jewel that, fixed to the lobe with a pin or a hook, protrudes from the ear with variable lengths.

It develops around the concept of movement, strongly accentuated by the oscillations of the head creating a fascinating play of reflections when the light hits the metal or the gems set in it.

They are the favorite choice of those who want to frame their face by slimming it.

Our earrings with precious gems

In our catalogue there are numerous models of pendant earrings made of 925‰ silver and natural pearls or precious gems.

Thanks to us, you can wear or gift high quality gems such as opal, peridot, emerald, ruby, pearls, tanzanite, rigorously certified and checked in our gemological laboratory.

If you are evaluating the purchase of a sophisticated jewel with classic or extravagant shapes, consult our selection: numerous products are offered at very discounted prices and this will allow you to expand your collection with unique, refined and precious jewels.

Define your character with the pendant earring that best represents you.

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